Living the New Gold Values:
Our Communities

Wherever we operate, we live our values. To New Gold, this means that while our company builds and operates mines as our core business, we strive to understand the impacts our operations may have on local communities and the opportunities that we can provide for long-term development. These impacts and opportunities are often a catalyst for improved quality of life and sustainable development.

We foster transparent and open two-way communication with residents and community leaders, from a project’s earliest development phase, during the mine’s life and through closure. We believe that the social aspects of operations must be based on dialogue with the surrounding communities. It is important to understand our local stakeholders and their needs and concerns, so that we can truly engage and contribute to long-term social, cultural and economic development.

Our employees become involved at every level of civil society – with local and regional government, business, schools, healthcare and recreational organizations. We actively participate in community organizations, host community events and seek to address people’s priorities and apprehensions as they relate to our activities. We use a variety of engagement methods, including community meetings and presentations, one-on-one meetings, household visits, letters and newsletters. Our New Gold sites hold open houses and/or provide site tours to a wide variety of educational institutions, regulators, investors and community groups.

Scorecard 3: Community Engagement and Development

Priorities 2015 Target 2015 Performance 2016 Target
Engagement Engagement
  • Develop Community Engagement and Communications Plan for Rainy River mine operations.
    • Achieved.
  • Advance the implementation of the New Gold Community Engagement and Development Standard to 30%.
Feedback and Complaints Feedback and Complaints

  • Develop feedback mechanism for the Rainy River project.
    • Achieved.
  • No target defined for 2016.
Local Economic Impacts Local Economic Impacts
  • Establish an Entrepreneurial Development project at Cerro San Pedro, in partnership with Sustainable Futures Canada and the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.
    • Achieved.
  • Establish a minimum of five new small businesses in the communities surrounding the Cerro San Pedro Mine through the Entrepreneurial Development Program.
  • Achieved Achieved
  • Missed Not Achieved
Community Investments

1 Community Investments are expenditures for voluntary donations and investment of funds in the broader community where the target beneficiaries are external to the Company. These include contributions to charities and non-profits, community infrastructure development and direct costs of social programs.