Living the New Gold Values:
Environmental Responsibility

With a proactive risk management approach to safeguard the environment and reduce our impacts, New Gold promotes the efficient use of raw materials and resources during our operations, through reusing and recycling where possible. New Gold uses robust monitoring programs to minimize environmental impacts, including surface and groundwater as well as air quality. New Gold’s aim during mine closure is to restore the land to a level of productivity equivalent to its pre-mining capacity or to an alternative land use determined through consultation with local communities of interest, including local Aboriginal communities and regulatory authorities.

Our environmental management system is based on internationally recognized standards. They serve to guide site-level management systems to ensure that site operations identify and appropriately manage their environmental aspects, adopt a consistent approach to identifying and controlling environmental risks, report progress through audits and assessments, and adopt a high level of environmental stewardship. All sites are expected to have an external audit, peer audit or self-assessment annually based on our audit schedule. In 2015, we completed the first external audit of the new standards.

Among the 2015 performance highlights: our New Afton Mine continued to be the only mine in North America with ISO 50001 Energy Management certification, our new Independent Tailings Review Board was implemented at our Canadian sites, and our Cerro San Pedro and Mesquite mines were recertified against the International Cyanide Management Code.

As part of the implementation process, each site has also compiled a register of Significant Environmental Risks. This register contains the main environmental risks for each site and allows corporate representatives to test the adequacy and effectiveness of controls as well as emergency preparedness and mitigation measures associated with these greatest potential risks. In 2015, these risks were reviewed and audited at all sites.

Scorecard 4: Environmental Performance

Priorities 2015 Target 2015 Performance 2016 Target
Water Water
  • Complete gap analysis against the New Gold Water Stewardship Standard at all sites.
    • Achieved. All sites self-assessed against the New Gold Water Stewardship Standard.
  • Implement action plan to address gaps at site level against New Gold Water Stewardship Standard, and obtain A-level across all indicators.
Waste Management Waste Management
  • Achieve Towards Sustainable Mining A-level for all New Gold sites with tailings storage facilities.
    • Not achieved. A-level achieved at New Afton. Peak Mines achieved A-level for all except one indicator (no formal management review).
  • Towards Sustainable Mining target reset for 2016.
  • Conduct Independent Tailings Review Board meetings at all Canadian sites.
  • Achieved Achieved
  • Missed Not Achieved